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Terms & Conditions

Terms of use and returns

Terms of use and return:

1- To place an order through the site, you must register an account and indicate the basic data for the delivery of the order, such as the name of the recipient, a valid contact number, and the address at which the delivery will be made.
2- To deliver the shipment as soon as possible to the customer’s home in Canada or the countries to which it is shipped without any delay, the neighborhood address, the name of the main street and the nearest landmark in the area must be indicated. Changing the address after sending the order requires the customer to contact the shipping company through which the customer was informed that the shipment was made, and to provide them with the new address.
3- Delivery in major cities needs two to three days, but in remote areas it may be a little delayed, and around the world from 10 to 30 days, and most times delivery may be before that.

Delivery and return policy:

• Delivery:

Delivery within Montreal in the province of Quebec is free of charge via Shukrah Smartest Online World vehicles and its drivers on the same day or the next day, depending on the availability of products in the branch and the time of order. Delivery to Montreal for all areas in Canada takes 3 to 4 working days, sometimes more or less depending on the region.


 15145622588 - Before shipping the order in Montreal, Canada, or delivering it inside Montreal, you can contact us to cancel on the number 15142924477

- In the event that you wish to return the order after the order has been shipped and received, you must enter the following link: and fill out the return request within 7 days from the date of receiving the product by the client.

- The product must be in its original condition without opening the boxes or packaging and unused, otherwise it will not be returned or exchanged.

- All items of the offer group must be returned and their value received at the time of the offer, in the case of returning items that were purchased during the offer period.

- In the event that you want to return the order before the shipping process, or the order has been canceled due to the unavailability of the product, the amounts will be returned to the same card used in the electronic payment process within one to 3 weeks from the time of canceling the order.

Products that cannot be returned or exchanged once received from the customer are:

• Items that require special storage conditions such as refrigerator medicines, milk and baby food.
• Deodorants and personal and women's care products, unless there is a manufacturing defect in the product.
• Make-up and contact lenses.
• Medical corsets and their accessories such as varicose stockings, slimming corsets, and others.
• Products that have been opened or used by the customer or that have changed their original condition or that have distorted the shapes of their packaging due to poor preservation or use by the customer.
• It is not possible to return or replace the products that have been paid through the medical insurance.

- The product is returned within the period specified above, and the amounts are returned to the same card used in the electronic payment process within one to 3 weeks of confirming acceptance of the return, after the representative of the shipping company receives the product from the customer (or the representative of Lemon Pharmacy in Riyadh) and the product arrives at Lemon Pharmacy And check it out.

- If the customer informs Lemon Pharmacy of a problem with the product after receiving it and it is returned to the pharmacy and it turns out after the examination that the product is in good condition and there are no problems, the amount is returned to the customer with deduction of the shipping value back and forth from the customer. The product shall be returned for the full amount paid by the customer.

- The customer bears the shipping cost with the shipping company in the event that the order is returned without a convincing reason.

- After the order has been shipped, the shipment must be received from the shipping company and not be late in receiving it so that it is not returned to the source again. Return and shipping again.

Discount Coupon:

When using a discount coupon on the site, the discount does not include:

Medicines and treatments.
- Diapers and infant formula.
Products that are offered on the site.

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